Infrastructure Projects

Ziyanda Capital is engaged in projects that span the following industries and sectors: 

ICT Infrastructure

Telecoms Infrastructure Development

Ziyanda Capital has advised a couple of ministries and state governments and local government authorities in terms of establishing Information, Communications and Telecommunications infrastructure. 

The role of Ziyanda Capital involved providing: 

  1. Financial modelling; 
  2. The structure of the Business Model; 
  3. The basis on which PPP (Public Private Partnership) procurement programme can be executed; 
  4. The most viable financing structure for such a project. 

Healthcare Infrastructure Development

Development of Public Healthcare Infrastructure

Ziyanda is engaged in advising different spheres of governments in terms of the following: 

  1. Development of new public healthcare facilities (hospitals and clinics); 
  2. Refurbishment and remodelling of existing public healthcare facilities; and 
  3. Revitalisation of existing public healthcare facilities, including the procurement of an electronic patient file management system.

Ziyanda Capital is mainly advising the governments around the following:  

  1.  Setting up a proper procurement system for the projects; 
  2. Ensuring that the projects benefit the local people; 
  3. Ensuring that, in the case of South Africa, that the procurement programme is premised on BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) principles, policies and legislation; 
  4. Setting up an optimal capital structure for the projects; and 
  5. Raising suitable Capital for these projects, which Capital includes obtaining relevant grant funding to conduct feasibility studies as well as raising Equity and Debt tranches for the construction programme. 

Schools Infrastructure

Development of World-class Schools

Ziyanda Capital has provided financing advice on the development and/or the refurbishment of schools. 

Ziyanda Capital’s advice is centred around the following: 

  1. Adopting the most optimal way of funding the development of schools; 
  2. Adopting off-balance sheet financing as the most optimal way of funding for the different spheres of government; 
  3. Adopting PPP procurement systems to develop the schools.

Roads Infrastructure

Development of Roads Infrastructure

Ziyanda Capital has been and is still advising clients in the following areas: 

  1. Development of new roads; 
  2. Refurbishment, expansion and extension of existing roads; 
  3. Development of storm water drainage infrastructure; and 
  4. Installation of solar street lamps in unlit areas of towns and residential settlements.

Energy Projects

Conventional and Renewable Energy Projects

Ziyanda Capital is currently advising some governments on the African continent in terms of the following: 

  1. Renewable Energy procurement programmes;  
  2. Finalising Power Purchase Agreements for solar power stations; 
  3. Finalising Feasibility Studies for solar power station development projects; 
  4. Facilitating the finalisation of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) reports for solar power station development transactions; and 
  5. Engaging potential financiers for the Energy Projects.

Bulk Water Infrastructure

Development of Bulk Water Supply Infrastructure

Ziyanda Capital is advising different spheres of government in Africa on the funding of the development of the following: 

  1. Dams; 
  2. Bulk Water Reticulation Networks; 
  3. Water Reservoirs; and 
  4. Installation of water metres in end-users homes and/or businesses. 

Municipal Infrastructure

Development of Economic and Social Infrastructure by Municipalities

Ziyanda Capital is providing advice to a couple of South African municipalities in terms of:  

  1. Raising capital for the development of waste recycling plants; 
  2. Raising capital for the electrification of homes using solar power solutions; 
  3. Raising capital for the installation of solar street lamps, which projects are aimed at reducing criminal activities that take place in the dark of night, as well as improving the general quality of life for the residents; 
  4. Raising capital for the redevelopment and expansion of municipal roads; 
  5. Raising capital for the development of public transport facilities; 
  6. Raising capital for the redevelopment and expansion of bulk water reticulation networks; and 
  7. Raising capital for the refurbishment and expansion of electricity supply substations