Advisory Projects

Due to Confidentiality Agreements and due to the fact that some of the deals are still in progress, we cannot provide the specific names of the clients we have done, and are busy doing the work for. 

SME Consulting​

Consulting to Small and Medium Businesses

Ziyanda Capital has provided advice in the following areas: 

  1. Assisting start-ups with their business plans; 
  2. Assisting start-ups with their financial projections; 
  3. Assisting start-ups with their documentation and policies;
  4. Assisting start-ups with the legal agreements around which their business model is centred; and 
  5. Offering general assistance to start-ups to get them up and running, as well as to ensure that they have proper systems in place. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

Buy-outs and Acquisitions

Ziyanda Capital has provided advisory services for the following transactions: 

  1. Being a target of buy-out or an acquisition; 
  2. Acquisition of an earth-moving equipment business; 
  3. Acquisition of a guest house; 
  4. Acquisition of a franchised business (original owners were retiring); 
  5. Acquisition of an existing student accommodation facilities building; 
  6. Acquisition of shares in an operating shopping centre; 
  7. Acquisition of shares in a logistics company; 
  8. Acquisition of shares in a factory that produces building materials; and 
  9. Acquisition of sites to expand the operations of a private school. 


General Consulting Services to Entrepreneurs

Ziyanda Capital has provided consulting services to various entrepreneurs in the following areas:  

  1. Assistance with finalising contracts and other legal agreements; 
  2. Assisting clients to finalise Shareholders’ Agreements; 
  3. Assisting clients to finalise Joint Venture Agreements; 
  4. Assisting clients to finalise Notarial Deeds of Agreement of Lease; 
  5. Assisting clients to finalise Lease Agreements;
  6. Assisting clients to understand credit ratings and how such ratings affect the pricing on their various financing requirements; 
  7. Putting together financial models for clients’ projections; and 
  8. Assisting clients with financial models for their various businesses, as a pre-cursor to drafting their business plans.