What Services are Rendered by Ziyanda Capital

Advisory Services

Corporate Strategy, Partnerships, Valuations, Mergers, Acquisitions

We can render the following services to you: 

  1. Revising or reviewing Corporate Strategy; 
  2. Reviewing Business Models; 
  3. Business Restructuring or Re-Engineering Processes; 
  4. Setting up Joint Venture Partnership structures; 
  5. Setting up Joint Venture Partnership Agreements; 
  6. Financial Modelling for Mergers and Acquisitions; 
  7. Financial Modelling for Leveraged Buy-outs; 
  8. Financial Modelling for Expansion Projects; 
  9. Refining Corporate Strategy for expanding into other countries on the African Continent; 
  10. Refining Corporate Strategy for Agricultural Projects; 
  11. Refining Corporate Strategy for Disposal of business units and/or divisions. 

Infrastructure Development

Municipal and other Infrastructure

We provide the following services in order to facilitate infrastructure development: 

  1. Migrate the concept to a bankable deal through properly arranging, structuring and preparing the project; 
  2. Facilitate the finalisation of the project documentation, including any approvals that are legally required;
  3. Facilitate the finalisation of accurate costing for the project; 
  4. Composing an optimal Balance Sheet structure; 
  5. Detailed Financial Modelling; 

The projects we render services for include the following:  

  1. Roads Construction (new roads and/or redevelopment and expansion); 
  2. Bulk Water Supply infrastructure; 
  3. Bulk Sewer Reticulation networks; 
  4. ICT Infrastructure; 
  5. Electricity Supply Infrastructure, including distribution and transmission infrastructure; 
  6. Electricity Supply Infrastructure including power stations; 
  7. Renewable Energy Projects; 
  8. Healthcare Infrastructure (hospitals and clinics). 

Real Estate Consulting

We advise and raise capital for New Developments, Refurbishments and/or Acquisitions

In this area, we render the following services:  

  1. Formation of Joint Venture Partnerships for Commercial Property Transactions;
  2. Arrange, Structure and Raise Capital for new developments or for refurbishment projects; 
  3. Raise Capital for entrepreneurs who want to acquire commercial buildings; 

The projects that we would typically get involved in, include: 

  1. Student Accommodation Facilities – new developments or refurbishments; 
  2. Teaching Facilities for the higher education sector – new developments or refurbishments; 
  3. Shopping Centres, Neighbourhood Malls and Strip Malls; 
  4. Office Blocks; 
  5. Hotels; 
  6. Industrial buildings and Warehouses; 
  7. Schools Infrastructure.