Ziyanda Capital is about Commitment, Innovation and being Contrarian


We immerse ourselves in our clients' deals and/or projects

Service to others is at the centre of what we do, and how we do things.

We are firm believers in the projects delivering value to all stakeholders. 

We see value in our clients’ projects. 

We believe in extracting maximum value for the clients, where the project takes centre-stage and we work to ensure that the project succeeds. 

We balance maximising shareholder value with delivering value-for-money product for the end-user.  


We see the World Differently

In a world of bankrupt governments, tighter banking regulations and demanding investors, different thinking is required. 

Ziyanda Capital prides itself in the following: 

  1. We spot opportunities in prevailing chaos; 
  2. We spot opportunities in situations where investors have limited capital; 
  3. We see the world differently;  
  4. Where others see problems, we see opportunities;  
  5. Where others see obstacles, we see gateways to unlimited opportunities; 
  6. Where others see broken systems, we see an opportunity to rebuild into world-class economic systems; and 
  7. If the project is aimed at uplifting people and delivering a solution to an identifiable and quantifiable need, we have the skills and the temperament to bring success for the project. 

Financial Engineering

Outstanding Financial Engineering and Structuring

With our investment banking background, we are experts in terms of: 

  1. Credit Analysis and credit ratings; 
  2. Deal Structuring; 
  3. Financial Modelling; 
  4. Identification of Risks; 
  5. Identification of Mitigants to the Risks; and 
  6. Optimising opportunities. 

We turn Concepts into Bankable Projects and/or Deals. 

Economic Growth

Economic Growth and Prosperity is at the centre of what we do

Ziyanda Capital believes in adopting a long-term view to our relationships. 

Our solutions encapsulate: 

  1. Maximising economic development; 
  2. Maximising economic growth; 
  3. Maximising employment opportunities; 
  4. Maximising customer satisfaction; 
  5. Optimising end-user satisfaction;
  6. Optimisation of Investor Returns;
  7. Optimising local supplier development; and 
  8. Optimising shareholder value.