Ziyanda Capital for Structured Finance Solutions

Your Partners in turning concepts into bankable deals!


Introduction to Ziyanda Capital


We value Relationships, Integrity, Innovation and Mutual Respect.

Our Biggest Assets are our People and our Clients.  

Ziyanda Capital is an Advisory Firm that specialises in Capital Raising and the following:

  • Raising Capital for Infrastructure and/or Real Estate (Property) Development Projects, 
  • Offering Advisory Services to Real Estate and Infrastructure Developers and/or Investors,
  • Arranging and Structuring Infrastructure and/or Real Estate (Property) Investment and Development Transactions,
  • Arranging and Structuring Development Concepts into Financeable Transactions to make such projects palatable for Banking Institutions, Pension Funds and Private Equity Funds seeking investments in such opportunities,
  • Arranging and Structuring Development Concepts (for Property and Infrastructure projects) for Bank Financing and/or Equity Investment by Pension Funds and/or Private Equity Funds seeking investment opportunities involving such projects, 
  • Providing Valuations services for Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Advise on Credit Ratings and Pricing of Capital,
  • Navigation of Capital Markets on behalf of our clients.

The Principals at Ziyanda Capital boast over 30 years of corporate banking, investment banking and general corporate strategy formulation experience. 

Ziyanda Capital is not a brokerage firm. We structure deals to make them bankable and fundable.  Taking on a deal means we live, breath, eat and dream that deal until it closes.  We get involved from the beginning, walk with our clients while adding substantial and tangible economic value, until the deal closes and the money flows.

Banks do not have time to hand-hold clients.  Ziyanda Capital fulfills this function. 

Ziyanda Capital is familiar with the inner workings of banks.  We know which banks will finance your deals, and we also know which equity investors to partner our clients with.  We boast a database of equity investors with cash and reputation to deliver, which are two ingredients that are most required in the wake of the 2008 financial markets crises. 

We know on what conditions your deals will be funded by the banks. We familiarise you with these from the beginning so that there are no surprises.  We also get involved in the negotiations of the final terms and conditions of whichever form of funding, be it equity and/or debt financing. 

Equity Investors want to get introduced to deals where the principals have done research, identified risks, worked out returns, etc.  Ziyanda Capital will assist you, as an Entrepreneur, property developer and/or investor with these.  Ziyanda Capital will put together an Investment Brief for the Entrepreneur.  Further, we will be present at the presentation and the negotiations table. 

Ziyanda Capital will raise the capital with the most acceptable terms for your deal.