Ziyanda Capital for Structured Finance Solutions

Your Partners in turning concepts into bankable deals!


Infrastructure and Real Estate Development and/or Investment Projects 

  • Migrate Infrastructure and/or Real Estate Development Concepts into Bankable Deals,
  • Structure Transactions to make them attractive to Financiers,
  • Identify and Mitigate all the Risks related to the Development Project,
  • Advise on Development Costs and Development Risks,
  • Identify suitable Partners for Inexperienced Developers,
  • Raise Capital for the Development Project Deals in the Debt and Equity Financing Spaces.

In the Real Estate Finance Space, Ziyanda Capital's Expertise extend to:  

  • Arranging, Structuring and Raising Capital for Shopping Centre Developments,
  • Arranging, Structuring and Raising Capital for Hotel Developments,
  • Arranging, Structuring and Raising Capital for Single-tenant Lease Transactions,
  • Arranging, Structuring and Raising Capital for Multi-tenant Lease Transactions,
  • Structuring and Raising Capital for Sale and Lease-back Transactions,
  • Adding Value in terms of Reviewing Lease Agreements for Clients, and
  • Review and Offer Input in terms of other Legal Agreements. 

In the Infrastructure Development Funding Space, Ziyanda Capital's Expertise extend to:  

  • Facilitation of DMTN Programmes for Municipalities,
  • Facilitation of Bond Issues for Parastatals, 
  • Specialise in PPP and PFI Structuring, 
  • Ring-fencing of Project Risks from Government,
  • Raising Debt and Equity Capital, and
  • Reviewing and provision of input on Legal Agreements.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Conducting Corporate Valuations,
  • Conducting Due Diligence Exercises, 
  • Optimal Balance Structuring,
  • Cash Flow Analysis, Modeling and Projections,
  • Review of Legal Agreements, and
  • Monitoring of Transactions post implementation.   

Other Services

  • Arranging Asset Finance and Equipment Rental Facilities, and 
  • Facilitate the process of Credit Ratings for Various Entities.